Why we built Video47?

At Pomona college we have been serving video in various ways since around 2004. Some of these solutions included an Apple Quicktime server, various download schemes, and a commercially available system called Vbrick. While all of these solutions work to some degree or another they were all found be a highly inefficient in terms of system resources, bandwidth, and time devoted to content management as well as the encoding process.

In 2008 Pomona searched the marketplace for solutions and technologies. While products were available they often required that we make the way we teach fit around their product. Many solutions researched also seemed to be very disorganized. There was no structured repository of content where faculty could build playlists, duplicate lists, and or repurpose content from semester to semester. We needed a way to easily manage content, the ability for faculty to easily create and manage playlists, and a way for students to view content with a web browser over a wireless internet connection.