Known Issues

Access Problem?
If you get the message "Not authorized to view this page: Video47" you may need to modify a browser setting.

For Safari:

  1. From the top Pull down Menu: Select Safari >> Preferences >> Security (picture of the lock)
  2. Accept cookies should be set to: "Always"
  3. Close preferences, it might be a good idea to restart your browser.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. From the top Pull down Menu: Select Tools >> Internet Options
  2. A window opens, select the "Privacy" tab then click "Advanced"
  3. Check "Override automatic cookie handling"
  4. "First-party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies" should be set to "Accept"
  5. Finally make sure "Always allow session cookies" is checked.
  6. Click "OK", Click "OK" again, and it might be a good idea to restart your browser.

For FireFox:

  1. From the top Pull down Menu: Select Preferences.
  2. A window opnes, select the "Privacy" icon.
  3. The first puldown menu needs to say: "Firefox will: Use custom settings for history"
  4. Look carefully at the list of options and make sure that "Accept thrid-party cookies" is checked
  5. Here is a screen shot of the above.

I have a player screen but there is a spinning swirly thing that keeps going around and around.

If you get the spinning swirly thing you are not getting a good connection to the video content. Most of the time this is caused by two things. So let's look at each.

Scenario #1

  1. You might be on a wireless network somewhere, anywhere in the world.
  2. It is possible that the spinning swirly thing is caused by a slow internet connection. Wireless connections are typically not as fast a those with a wire. Additionally, wireless access points can get overloaded and become slower. (Example: If you have ever been at a local coffee establishment with ten computers watching YouTube at the same time this can happen.)
  3. How to fix it? Wherever you are try to plug in to a network with a cable. Use the blue wire as it is powerful and fast.

Scenario #2

  1. You know for a fact that you are on a fast wireless network or you have a network wire plugged into your computer yet you are still experiencing the spinning swirly thing.
  2. It is possible that you have a port blocked. If port 1935 is blocked you can not see the video.
  3. The tricky thing about port blockage is that it may be blocked in any number of places. Some of those places being:
    • The firewall on your computer.
    • At the wireless access point that you are on.
    • On the network that you are on, this could be at your organization or ISP.
  4. Each one of these could require contacting different parties. It is possible to spend lots of time tracking down why a certain Network administrator has blocked port 1935. Sometimes it is not worth it. If you find yourself in this situation please find a network connection on campus to view content.
  5. If you suspect it is your computer's local firewall, it is simple to just unblock the port. On many operating systems there is documentation on how to accomplish this. Just unblock port 1935.