LUNA @ Pomona College

The Luna Imaging Insight software program at allows faculty, students and staff to manage, access, use, and present digital images across the Pomona campus. Using LUNA, viewers experience images in a revolutionary way. Complete cataloguing data accompanies every image, allowing for in-depth searches of the collections. Using LUNA, multiple images from different artists, places or periods, can be viewed side-by-side. Or, the end user can create their own collections of images by saving groups of images online.

Introducing The LUNAVERSAL Viewer

Our new responsive LUNAversal Viewer provides an alternative option to the LUNA Viewer. While the LUNA Viewer is full-featured and ideal for researchers, the LUNAversal Viewer is responsive and ideally suited to sharing access to collections on mobile devices. Explore LUNA collections with the LUNAVERSAL Viewer here.

Types of LUNA Access

Access to LUNA collections are based on a combination of IP address and managed account privileges. They are as follows:

LUNA Status

Luna is down, last check: July 17, 2023 04:30:17 pm

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